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  • SlingMod alarm

    Has anyone on this forum had the Slingmods plug & play alarm installed in their SS? Looking for any info on product reliability and ease of installation. Thanks for any info.

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    Yes I have the one they are selling on their web site. Easy install and works well. I have only had it for about a month but no problems yet.


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      Sorry, just getting back Silversling. Had some serious downtime over issues. Thanks for feedback, did you self install? Would you recommend a self install to a novice? Also, I noticed your SS with a top, is that a Bullet Speed V back? I just got a 2016 SL LE in Black pearl and am looking at getting one and was wondering about how they handle wind noise at speed with a stock SL windshield? Thanks for feedback!


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        Sorry Leon, haven't been on here for a while. Yes I installed it myself, I was an auto mechanic so it wasn't a problem. If you have basic hand tools and how to use them shouldn't be a problem to install.Yes it is a V back. I installed it after I had a taller windshield on it so not sure how it will be with a stock windshield. With the taller one it works great not much noise or buffing from the wind