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Non-Polaris oil and oil filters?

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  • Non-Polaris oil and oil filters?

    Has anybody thought anything about using non-Polaris oil and oil filters on their Slingshots? Since it's a GM Ecotech engine, we should be able to use products such as Fram, Purolator, K&N, Autolite, WIX, etc oil filters, right? Same thing with oil.....Valvoline, Penzoil, Mobile One, etc?
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    I had not thought of it.I guess you are correct


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      I bought two oil change kits from the dealer and then I will switch to amsoil and wix


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        After market oil and filters....OIL = AC Delco Dexos1 5W30 Synthetic . . . . . . FILTERS = AC Delco PF457G....WIX-57082 (paper), 57082XP (wire-recommended for synthetic oil) Click image for larger version

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          use ONLY 0w20 oil that meets a GF5 spec or preferably dexos1 spec oil.

          This is what I have seen multiple times on the web.


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            I used Mobil 1 oil 5w30 and an AC delco filter 457G. I bought the 457GF which is an 1/8" longer by mistake but no issues and I did not feel any binding when screwing down the cap. Others have used the GF with no issues too. I only tighten cap to my feel due to experience with changing MC oil filters for 50 years. I have never had a leak or problem. I bought filters on Ebay 3 for under $15.


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              I used Mobil 1 oil 5w30 and Mobil 1 filter M1C-151. Worked great now all I need is a grease gun that will fit.


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                second diy oil change using 5w30 Mobil 1 oil filter AC 457gf. GF is a little longer than the non GF oil filter but when I took it out it was in perfect shape not twisted and I use the second one pretty cheap do your own oil change. Now if I can figure out how to do the ujoint easily that would be great. Why Polaris did not put an angled zerc fitting there is beyond me!


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                  I also had a problem with the ujoint issue until I bought the factory manual. The need to grease this is a misprint in the owner's manual. There is no way to grease this and it only requires an inspection. Polaris does not make oil filters and the one you buy from them is a repackaged AC 457. This number is actually stamped on "their" filter. along with a 300% markup in price.

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                  Grease the yoke per this video , I got my tapered adapter to fit the zerk fitting

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                I would NOT recommend using low viscosity oil such as 0W 20. The manufacturer recommends 5W 30. This engine runs hotter than when it was used in the Saturns because of the smaller radiator and restricted air flow. Note the warning in the Owners Manual not to let it sit and idle for long periods of time. Using low viscosity oil can lead to excessive wear and premature bearing failure. To avoid a warranty default, use the oil weight recommended by the manufacturer, not something you saw "on the web."