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Grinding Noise from right angle drive

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  • Grinding Noise from right angle drive

    I first noticed this on the way home from SS in the Smokies. After driving for a while and on slowing down there is a definite grinding noise, linked to speed, apparently coming from the right angle drive. It's like there's one bad tooth or something, Each revolution of the wheel gives a grind. It does it in reverse, too. I"m getting an appointment at the dealer to look into it before the whole thing self-destructs.

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    It is a bearing and seal issue I am having my dealer order all the parts to fix mine too....It is a know issue.


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      Thanks, Joe, I'll pass that on to my dealer, hopefully it will reduce the diagnostic time.


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        Good news! My service tech examined the machine and discovered that the belt is too tight. It was adjusted to spec at the 500 mile service, but has shrunk. He says this is normal. No damage to gears or bearings. However, since it's a maintenance issue it's not covered under warranty and I have to pay for the un-tensioning of the belt. I would imagine that others will have this problem too, as I know it's normal for belts to shrink over time. At this point I have about 5,000 miles on the vehicle. Hopefully that's enough to keep it from happening again.


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          After the recall work on my 16 the noise was holy shit loud. Dealer blew me off so I called Polaris direct and received a claim number. They replaced the unit. It's much quieter now.


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            Did the same. Local dealer said they all sound like that. Found a better dealer and the angle drive was replaced