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    When at the rally in the smokies I joined a conversation about the obvious "whine" generated by the transmission/and or drive belt. I was told that the noise/whine was the transmission and it could be significantly reduced by changing the transmission fluid to a different type/weight. I'm not sure exactly what was stated, but I think it was something like "purple" transmission fluid, 75 to 150 weight??? Not sure of the weight stated. Is this the correct solution to reduce the "whine", and if so, what specific product and weight should be used? Appreciate any feedback

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    Hi - jaw - - - Royal Purple 75/140 Gear oil - - we put that in the rear and the transmission and we must say that they were both a-bit quieter
    .................................................. ......... tom n carol

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      I met with DDM company who works on the sky, solstice and slingshot and he told me with a heaver oil in about 5 or 6 months i will have trouble shifting from 2nd to 3rd and 5th to 4th he seemed very knowledgeable on all the questions i asked

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    I read on another site that a mechanist that grind gears said it was because the shape and pitch was incorrect? Tom you said a bit quieter that does not sound definetly quieter?


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      Thanks for responding. I'm not a mechanic. Is this something I can do myself? How much fluid? Where to drain and fill? Any filters involved? Thanks again!!! jaw


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        Worewren - - jaw - -
        the Royal-Purple to me makes a slight difference in quietness
        1 - Transmission - -manual says use 75W90 fully-synthetic gear oil
        torque on filler/drain plug 10-14 Ft lbs
        2.75 quarts = 2.6 L
        I am using Royal-Purple 75W140 Royal-Purple full-synthetic gear oil because i believe its viscosity stays higher and lubricates better at higher temperatures ( this mentality i get from drag-racing blown-alcohol Pro-Mod) when transmission gets hot. Also note that when using the heavier oil in trans it might be a little harder to get in gear, especially in colder weather, but will shift normal again when trans/oil warmed up from use.
        This Aisin AR5 5-spd trans has a normal whine to begin with like all manual trans - - race manual trans really whine due to their more straight cut gears that are for strength SOOOOO the trans is a liitle-bit more quieter - but to me - better lubricated
        2 - Rear-Angle-Drive manual says 75W/140 gear oil - - .78 qt = 700mL
        torque on filler/drain plugs = 10-14 Ft lbs
        using Royal-Purple 75W/140 full-synethic gear oil
        it is a bit quieter - but still noisy with the whine
        The-More Straight-Cut-Teeth - on Ring & Pinion
        automobile's use more of a bevel on their Ring & Pinion, and that is why they are quieter - -Polaris uses more of a Straight-Cut gear, more noisey, but stronger for all the Torque that 2.4L 4-Banger puts ot
        .................................................. ..... tom & carol

        PS i believe that all SlingShots Owners should have a copy of the Shop-Manual
        tremendous reference-tool
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          Thanks again for all the information. appreciate your efforts to help me out. The service manual is my next purchase.


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            Originally posted by MISTERZ06 View Post
            Worewren - - jaw - -

            PS i believe that all SlingShots Owners should have a copy of the Shop-Manual
            tremendous reference-tool
            I'm waiting for someone to post it online, as a public service. Most other vehicles have online shop manuals and it's great, if only for the fact you don't get the pages all greasy.


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              The whine is coming from the right angle drive, not the transmission. I wouldn't mess with the transmission fluid, but a heavier weight oil in the drive box probably won't hurt anything. Full synthetic might give a bit more lubrication (and thus run quieter) than natural oil.


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                TRANSMISSION FLUID: Hand book calles for 75-90 Synthetic GL-3. Please note: GL-3. Almost impossible to find other than at Polaris dealer. Cost is about $12 qt.
                The reason for this spec, as I understand it, is the transmission has certain metals where non-GL3 can be harmful. Maybe other brands will be ok, but they cost about the same. I wouldn't temp fate. lol