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USB, no device?

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  • USB, no device?

    OK, I plugged in my iPhone and it worked great playing music, even raising & lowering the volume in conjunction with the RPM's, but the first time I turned the ignition off, then restarted, I haven't been able to get it to work since? All I get is a "No device connected" message?
    Anyone have any clue as to what could be wrong?

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    Mine does that sometimes but at some point it sees the iPod then re connects Did you unplug it then reconnect, that may do the trick. Is the blue tooth on, it may be confusing the system


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      Mine does that from time to time. Usually after activating some electrical device (I put a headlight cut-off switch on mine and I always get the No Device message when I turn them on or off). It usually reconnects after a few seconds. If the device shows charging while connected, then the USB Port and cable are fine and it's in the entertainment unit somewhere.


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        I experienced the same a few days ago, but i'm yet to find a solution for mine. The steps taken above didn't really resolve the problem. Would like to know if anyone has another way around it