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  • turbo

    I am looking for a turbo kit to get about 300 H.P. out of my SS. S L . I want quality and at a reasonable price.
    I am not ready to do it today , but in the near future when I get a few more miles on my Slingshot.

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    I too am very interested in the Turbo - - BUT I think it is best to do a "Wait n See"
    There are three or more people doing Turbos right now . . . . Lets wait for the opinions and road tests to appear, then we will we know who has the better unit for the price. You only want to Turbo-Once ................................................. tom/carol-zzzzzzzzzzzzz


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      Im on the Hahn Racecraft team now....Quality components and great fabrication.

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        I agree - - the Hahn Turbo does look like Quality
        The exhaust manifold and all the welding looks top-notch
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          I am looking for a turbo as well. Cant wait to have a few to choose from.


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            Going to be a hard choice of which turbo to go with - - They all are looking pretty good - -
            At this point I would go by what RABTECH says, he seems to be super-mechanical - - So lets see what he says after he completes his install and does some riding -
            Just my opinion
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              Hahn stands behind what he is selling. I have had some tuning issues that I am just picky about and every time I request a change it is immediately handled. I love the AEM controller. It allows me to make these changes myself and I have the ability to have my tablet PC show the gauges in real time when I want to view them. Also let me datalog and download all the info when I'm bored.

              Everybody was wanting to program the ECU and I never cared at all for that. The factory ECU can only stretch so far and when you want to add boost (and I do and I have) the AEM will allow you to just change maps with your PC. And all I have to do is change my waste gate spring. All it takes is 5 minutes and Im going again.

              ‚ÄčIm pretty sure I wouldn't want a system that only a few people could adjust and tune.

              Im sure all of the systems have their pros and cons. I just went with Hahn and its been great. Good thick manifolds and good support. What is awesome is the massive surge of power when you need it. Its so much fun. And he was very meticulous when he picked the turbo. It puts the power down just where you want it.
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