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    Thanks Tom.Appreciate your comments.There are many months to go and expect 50 or 60 Slingshots at least to attend.Polaris are aware of this event as apart from all the postings on this forum and our Facebook page i actually wrote and advised them what we are doing with our Slingshot events and website.This was a few months ago.Also inviting them to participate in some form or other.Regretfully I never received a repy but We fully intend to make this into an AWESOME event done on an annual basis.


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      Thank-You...Again...ivor...and keep bugging POLARIS..would love to see them there...Tom n Carol


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        Dont worry I will.I think now they are fully aware of this website and our facebook page>

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      Slingshot in the Smokies is now filling up rapidly.Slingshot owners are aware of this event through this forum,other forums and our Facebook page Polaris Slingshotroadsters ForumSince putting this event out at the beginning of January we have had 20 signup.The Country Inn has a total of 60 rooms so we fully expect to have 60 plus Slingshots at the first official Slingshot meetup.
      Our aim is to make this the top rally for Slingshots and have it on an annual basis.All are welcome.


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        I am really looking forward to this event.Love Maggie Valley and the Smokies.Especially in June.


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          lazy susan......... Click image for larger version

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ID:	1957 ...............................Hope-the-Weather-is-Super.....................tom/carol


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            We need to get this rally over 50 Slingshots.24 signed up so far so pass the word.


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              Hi guys, new to this forum and have been following this event with interest as I will be in Pigeon Forge for the whole week you guys are in Maggie Valley. I will be spending time with family but will be able to slip away for a day here and there and hope to catch up with you guys when I can. My plan is to meet up with you at Deals gap when you get there and spending the day with you. If you have any plans to ride Smoky mountain ntl park I could also meet you there as its very close to Pigeon Forge. I am not registered for the event as I am not sure how much time I can get away for but I know the area pretty well so I can show up at some of the places you are going. I have been going to his area twice a year for the last 30 years on motorcycles and Corvettes looking forward to going on a Slingshot this time. It will be a blast to spend time with a bunch of slingshots all in one place all at the same time. Thank you for putting this event on looking forward to meeting all you slingshoters


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                Welcome to the forum Slolane.You are most welcome to join the group for the rides that you can make from Pigeon Forge.
                Do not worry about registering.I suggest you email me at [email protected] me know your actual name and I will include you on the list of attendees even though you may only ride a couple of times with the group.Also let me know your cell which I can call or text so I would be able to keep you posted if there was a delay etc.I will email you back my cell,
                We have a really nice group already registered 25 plus 4 or 5 more who tell me they are coming.The target is 60 Slingshots which is more than enough to handle for the 1st Slingshot in the Smokies.This will be an annual event.
                Looking forward to meeting you.

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              For those who do not know it a map of the Tail of theDragon.!!!!!!!!!!!


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                Rode the Dragon many times.First on my Goldwing.Look forward to riding behind the Slingshots on my Yamaha.


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                  ..........Welcome - - - - slolane................................. tom/carol-studying Click image for larger version

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                    OK, I just paid my fee. Ill be bringing my Hahn Turbo Slingshot and my wife Allison. i will be there on Tuesday afternoon and stay till Sunday. I have laid a bike down on every road up there.... :-) I come up to Tellico Plains TN nearly 2 times a month or even more when weather permits. Not sure if Im staying at Comfort Inn yet. Does anyone know if they have a king room with tub available for Tuesday -Sunday. Wife hates a shower only room. Seems strange to me.

                    Hey this is my 1st post on here...

                    Robert Brinson and Allison Brinson

                    I just have one suggestion. If we ride in groups. I suggest we have an advanced group (for idiots like me that have a fetish with death) and a normal group. I always attend these kind of functions and somehow I manage to get frustrated. Then I end up falling out of the group and going off on my own.

                    I don't mean to come off with a "better than" attitude. It just some people don't want to kiss rattlesnakes. And I don't blame them. I mentioned this one time after I was asked where I had went and they also said they would have like to have been split into different groups. So I thought I would mention it .

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                      Thanks for signing up RABTECH.Am pleased you will be joining us.Firstly got you a kingsize room with tub at the Comfort Inn.They are holding it for you should you want itYour suggestion of splitting the groupis exactly in line with what I had planned.Guys need to ride what they are comfortable with.I sent you a message re this.The plan is2 groups fast and medium.
                      Although a few of us have been riding the Smokies for a number of years am pleased to have you onboard with your experience.You certainly have ridden these mountains more than most.

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                    - W - E - L - C - O - M - E -

                    RABTECH . . . . . . Robert and Allison . . . AND . . . The - TURBO - -

                    ............O - BOY - - - Reading that you signed up........ Put-a-Grin-on-Me Face..
                    ....... Ranking in the Top-Ten-List ..... Of My Grin-Makers ........
                    tom and carol .............


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                      Click image for larger version

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ID:	2119 tom n carol


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                        You made me laugh with that post. Cant wait to meet everyone....
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                          It certainly is nice to put a smile or laugh on a person.... going to be a Great-Rally ..... looking forward to meeting Allison & You in person............................... A-N-D ..... "The-Turbo" ......

                          .................................................. .................................. Tom n Carol .........

                          Click image for larger version

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