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Slingshot Sturgis Owners Ride. 3rd August 2015

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  • Slingshot Sturgis Owners Ride. 3rd August 2015

    This is an event being put on by Polaris.Check in is between 3pmand4pm at The Rushmore Plaza Civic Center,Rapid City.
    The ride is 4pm-7pm through the gorgeous Black Hills of South Dakota.Approx 70 mile group ride with lead and chase vehicles.
    There will be a complimentary dinner between7-9pm at Murphys Pub&Grill.
    Meet fellow Slingshot owners and also have an opportunity to meet the Slingshot Leadership team.
    This looks to be a lot of fun.
    If you wish to attend we have put the Polaris registration form under the Slingshotroadsters event page.
    This event is being staged by Polaris.

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    WoW-Wow - - - seems to be great - - We see that Polaris is copying what you did with
    "SlingShots in the Smokies" - - -
    they are copy-cats - -
    BUT History will show that you put on the
    "Very-First-SlingShot Event in the Entire-World"
    SD is a super long ride from New-York - - - but --- maybe carol & i will stay here in
    Aiken, SC and then drive to SD - - shorter trip and we should have our leaky-rear
    fixed by then - - LOL - -
    ................................................. loving Aiken, SC .......... tom n carol


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      I think it's nice that they are putting this on.It should be very successful.Slingshot in the Smokies was a hit and for next year will be even better.I think our event is here to stay every year.


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        Looks a nice event.2000 miles away from me though."Oh well"