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  • Leaking shocks

    Hi guys I bought some QA 1 coilover adjustable shocks on a group buy from a shop in Daytona Florida. Don't do a group Buy on anything from a shop in Florida. either their dead or hiding one of the two.hope they're okay. Anyway one of the brand new qa1 adjustable coilovers is leaking from the adjustment knob with only three miles on it !!! Still under warranty can't find a packing slip to prove when I ordered them from a shop in Florida. Which is shut down. The adjustment knob has an allen screw to take it off and maybe tighten up the nut underneath the adjustment knob. Problem is can't get set screw loose afraid of stripping the set screw then ia'm really screwed. Guess I'll have to bite the bullet pay for shipping both ways send them back to qa1 factory in Minnesota.Anyone have this happened to their qa1 shocks you would think they would put them under pressure and check them before they sent them out.