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  • Cat Delete Pipe

    I have a near new (40 miles) cat delete, other wise known as a test pipe. $150 + shipping

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    did decide you didn't like it because it's too loud


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      No, the new muffler does not require it. I never noticed any percievable sound increase with it or the headers. There was a bit of a power bump in midrange with the combination, when I hit about 4K rpm it came to life. Now that I have the cold air ram, muffler and the reflashed ECM the power shows up at around the same RPM but I also have a very noticable difference off the line. I have to use a lot of throttle control to avoid braking the tire loose in first and second.

      I will be buying a sticker tire in the sping, I think I will go with the Michelan, very pricey but it hooks up great and I can get it in a 285.
      The larger tire size will off set the speedo error, by GPS I am about 4 miles an hour off at 50. This adds a lot of false miles to the odometer over the life span of the SS.


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        Hello. Is it still available?